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The Varieties of Cosmopolitanism: Rethinking Hollinger’s Postethnic America

In a happy accident relative to last week’s post by David Hollinger, “Reconsidering Perry Miller’s Errand Into the Wilderness,” I have been reading Hollinger’s Postethnic America: Beyond Multiculturalism for the first time. Today’s reflection is not the first rodeo on Postethnic at the blog. Andrew Hartman has written extensively here about the book, particularly in these three posts: (1) “Hollinger’s ‘Affiliation by Revocable Consent’: From Postdiscipline to Postethnic to Obama” (Dec. 3, 2009); (2) “Widening the Circle of “We” in the Age of Fracture” (Mar. 25, 2011), and (3) “Post-Civil Rights Intellectual Ferment” (Dec. 6, 2011). The first is especially Read more