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Author’s Response to the “A World Not to Come” Roundtable

(The previous entries for the roundtable can be found using the following links: Lilian Calles Barger’s introduction here, Philip Lorenz’s critique here, Tamar Herzog’s analysis here,  Ralph Bauer’s contribution is here, and Prof. Beatriz Gonzalez-Stephan’s contribution is here.)Raúl Coronado, UC BerkeleyThere is no field of study known as nineteenth-century Latina/o studies. It’s anachronistic, for one. Latinas/os are a contemporary social group, everyone knows. They emerged as distinct communities in the twentieth century, primarily in the Southwest by Mexicans and the Northeast by Puerto Ricans and, since the 1960s, have increased in complexity especially with the arrival of Cubans, Dominicans, and Read more